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Cardiovascular and cancer-related diseases are the leading causes of human mortality and disability. The underlying mechanisms originate from chronic interstitial cell activation leading to pathological tissue remodelling and malfunction of cells. These depend on three fundamental processes: Cell adhesion, migration, and modulation/degradation of the extracellular matrix (ECM), which together determine tissue invasion and remodelling.


The Tissue Transmigration Training Network (T3Net) is aimed at promoting excellence in training in these areas, with an emphasis on cutting-edge technologies and complementary skills training. T3Net has a multidisciplinary training approach and is thus crucial in bundling current and future European expertise and to consolidate the momentary European leadership in these emerging key areas of biomedical research.


T3Net aims to establish a long-term European network based on a new cohort of young professionals with the potential to exploit their knowledge in academic, clinical or industrial settings.


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